Hard Work Over Luck

I recently saw this ad in a trade email and it jumped out at me, in the wrong way, because it really aggravated me! Wishing you luck in 2022? What a weird sentiment I thought, clearly these people have never owned their own business!

How often have you heard ...You're so lucky!

You're lucky you get to work from home!
You're lucky you get to travel!
You're lucky you got that huge commission!



You aren't lucky

You follow your passion

You work hard to be successful!
Your success has nothing to do with luck.

It's about the choices you make

You made a choice to invest in your own business - Do you have plans to achieve continued growth?

You make a choice on how to spend your day - Want more money? The formula is simple (and one that our TOP advisors follow) Automate, specialize and focus on income-producing activities.

You make a choice to enhance your education by travelling or take part in training - Decide what you need to learn and then put the plan in place to make it happen ~ ensure the time away from your business matches what your business needs!

So how are you going to choose to spend the year ahead?
Take an hour, half a day, a full day over the holiday break to work on your business, Keep in mind that simple and small tasks can set you up for a great year ahead.

While I wish you luck to win the lottery, I won't wish you luck with your business - but rather the wisdom to make the right choices.

For any goal to come to fruition you must choose the path that helps you continue to build the foundations on which you can set your business up for success in 2022 and beyond.

Welcome to 2022

OOOF, well, THAT didn't go as expected, did it? 2021 turned out to be quite the ride, which many of us were not expecting.

This time of year is often when we reflect and plan for the new year, and inspirational quotes for the year ahead inundate us - the whole "new year, new me" messaging surrounds us! Except we're tired, and may not be ready to embrace the excitement of ushering in another year.

So what do we do from here?

We forge ahead and remember WHY we do what we do, keep our eyes on the long game, and recognize that while we don't control what is happening in the world, we STILL have control of our business and how we approach things.

Cruise CEO has you covered!

After such a stagnant booking period in your business—paired with an influx in interested travellers—you still need to prepare your business. That's why we've compiled this list of top 5 tips to help you rock the rebound! You'll learn everything you need to know to stay on top and ahead of the curve in the cruise industry. Click the link below to receive an automatic download of our guide.

Download your guide here https://mcusercontent.com/83b1cb5e08165548b4360ca11/files/327f0c18-243e-77b8-c47a-1b7af61c54a2/Final_Cruise_CEO_Rock_the_Rebound.pdf

As we embark on a new year ahead, there is a famous nautical saying that rings in my head, and seems appropriate to share with you all.

I wish you all fair winds and flowing seas.

Here's to 2022 being a year filled with stability, connections and growth!

Confidence Amidst A Pandemic

I'm pretty confident that if I were on the outside looking in, I would wonder why someone would decide to launch a travel brand in the middle of a pandemic and to launch a cruise brand in today's environment would undoubtedly find me scratching my head thinking "what are they doing?"

The truth is, over the past three months since our launch, Cruise CEO has garnered an abundance of attention and as we've started to onboard CEOs, it reaffirms to us, that now, really is the most perfect and opportune time to bring this brand to cruise sellers in Canada. Our CEO collective is growing each week.

We're seeing interaction, innovation and collaboration happening in our community between like-minded cruisepreneurs who are focused on their business growth, and to emerge from this pause, stronger & focused.
If you're interested in finding out if Cruise CEO could be a fit for you, let's schedule a call!

Cruise CEO is a Cruise Centric Host Agency and a proud Virtuoso Affiliated Member.