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Experienced Advisors

Are you looking to take your growing travel advising business to the next level? Cruise CEO can help you do just that with our training, marketing, and partnership opportunities. All the while, giving yourself a raise as the CEO of your own business!


Helping your business grow

At Cruise CEO, we are all about helping travel advisors be more successful! We help our Advisor CEOs reach their full potential with a wide range of services and tools that can empower them to build a comprehensive, well-rounded business for themselves.

Weekly Training & Workshops

Weekly training sessions and workshops will help you keep your mind fresh and keep you up to date with changing industry trends. Every CEO needs to stay on top of their game to grow their business and we give you the tools to do so!

Marketing Solutions

Catch eyes and turn heads with the help of our marketing solutions. Cruise CEO offers a wide range of marketing solutions to our CEOs, including award-winning client marketing. Whether you use our brand or your own, you can get noticed and stay noticed.

Extensive Partner List

Cruise CEO has a comprehensive list of partners that offer cruises and more. Our CEOs get full access to our supplier partners and their products, allowing you to offer more options to your clients and expand your services. You can sell the world with Cruise CEO and earn top commissions on everything you book!

Booking Software

Cruise CEO offers access to booking software with 4 efficient ways to book your clients’ cruise and land vacations. Closing the sale and booking your clients’ vacations has never been so easy!

Community Group

Every successful CEO surrounds themselves with experts in their field. Now, it’s easier than ever with our CEO Community Facebook group. Members have years of knowledge and expertise at their fingertips.

Virtuoso Membership

We’re connected to the world through our partnership with Virtuoso. When you join Cruise CEO, you're granted full access to Virtuoso and a plethora of training, benefits, partners, and marketing tools to help your business grow!

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Put more money back into your pocket

Splits with partners

We believe our CEOs work hard for their money, so we want to put more of it in your pocket. Our CEOs earn 100% commission on key  partner bookings and between 70-80% on the rest of your business. It pays to be CEO with Cruise CEO!


Monthly Fee

Our monthly membership fee is simple and all inclusive. You won’t have to worry about racking up one off support charges for you or anyone on your team.

Set sail on a new journey with Cruise CEO

Before you decide to come aboard, take our quiz to figure out whether Cruise CEO is right for you. And, when you decide to join us, we’ll make the onboarding process as simple as can be! 

Experienced advisors benefit from joining Cruise CEO because they can expand their business and streamline their processes. Booking is made simple thanks to our software. Finding cruises is easy with our extensive partner list. Building client relationships is effortless with our CRM. It becomes easy to run your business and earn more—especially since Cruise CEO is a proud member of the Virtuoso Network.

Before you decide to come aboard, take our quiz to figure out whether Cruise CEO is right for you. And, if you decide to join us, you do not have to worry about difficult to escape contracts or anything of the like. Our contracts are available in 3, 6, and 12 months and do not include an exclusivity clause!


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have sales targets to meet?

No! Well, not unless you set one for yourself. At Cruise CEO, we don’t like putting unnecessary stress on our advisors. We let you set your own goals and make as many (or as little) sales as you would like.

When do I receive my commission?

Unlike other companies, we do not hold your commission until you are with us for a specific period of time or hit a selling goal. Our CEOs have their commissions paid to them monthly, so you do not have to worry about never getting your hard-earned commissions.

Can I use the Cruise CEO brand?

Of course! Our CEOs are welcome to use our brand for their businesses or to come up with their own. It all depends on what you want to do.

I have my own agency group. Can I still join?

Yes! We have customized solutions available for Independent Travel Advisors, Storefront Agencies, and Agency Groups.

Turn your passion for cruise and travel into a profitable business

Travel agencies and home-based travel advisors can build their team, expand their travel services, attract more clients, and grow their organization with the support of Cruise CEO's all-star team. It's time to be the thriving, successful travelpreneur that you've always wanted to be. It's time to join Cruise CEO.

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