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July 4, 2022

Picture this!  📸

You're on a busy street and the only parking available requires that you parallel park. The driver wrenches their neck to do the shoulder check (visibility is poor) and checks their rear & side mirrors.. but complains about how hard it is to park this way on a busy street. After a few tries and being very frustrated (and a little embarrassed at being honked at by another driver wanting to pass), the driver professes how much they hate parallel parking and drives in search of a better spot.

Now picture this exact scenario, but the driver has a rear view camera with guides; things become SO much easier to park as this camera helps you see what you couldn't see in the previous scenario. Parallel parking is a dream, and it becomes easier when you have access to a tool that gives you a 360-degree view!

Like parallel parking, we may have a few tasks in our everyday business life that could cause us anxiety, and we avoid them. However, if we keep driving off and ignoring these tasks, we get now where! You can outsource almost any job these days; you can easily find a tool to help automate a task; help is there if you look for it! Jot down a few of the areas you're avoiding, then spend 10 mins on seeing if there is a tool that can assist you and get moving to strike that off your to-do list!

1. Too busy to post on Social Media? Use a scheduler like Later and batch create a month's worth of posts!

2. Making bookings on the phone and wasting time on hold? Use the cruise lines automation booking tools!

3. Are Tracking expenses a nightmare? Use an app like Expensify to keep up with your bills and receipts!

4. Backlogged on invoicing or any business-related tasks? Find some help at Upwork or FreeUp

"Sea" you soon!

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